Well to start with, an APR is an acronym that stands for Annual Percentage Rate or Single Percentage Rate, it is used to calculate interest for money that you have taken from credit card or loan. Moreover, credit cards are one of the best ways of saving money if itContinue Reading

How to save big buying used

Getting a new pair of jeans or gadget right out of the box produces a special thrill. But that thrill can cost you. Consider buying used and see your savings add up. Technology Technology is expensive. Keeping up with the latest phone model can set you back hundreds – orContinue Reading

Credit cards are used to buy goods, pay for services and withdraw money from ATM machines. When you use your credit card to buy goods or pay for services, then approval will is given which depends on several factors but above all, on fund availability in relation to your allottedContinue Reading

One of the most often asked questions about credit cards is ‘what’s the ideal number of credit cards to have?’ The question is asked as if there is a magic number that will tell lenders that you’re credit-worthy without hacking away at your credit rating because you have too manyContinue Reading

A forward-looking financial strategy is comprehensive and all-inclusive. By and large, such a comprehensive management involves obtaining the capital for the business and then how they are spent on the business’ numerous accomplishments which include recording statistical data to be examined to help assess a business’ financial health and up-to-dateContinue Reading