Online Shopping Safety

Shopping online has its advantages, especially during these challenging times. Be a smart online shopper and protect your personal and financial information. Tip #1: Pay with a credit card Credit cards usually offer the best liability protection. Be sure to report any suspicious activity immediately, no matter the amount. SomeContinue Reading

Reading and understanding your statement

You receive a credit card statement monthly from First PREMIER Bank listing all the payments, purchases, debits and credits for that billing cycle. This statement is packed with information and it’s important to review everything.  At the top, you’ll find a snapshot of three important pieces of information: New BalanceContinue Reading

Repair or replace

Appliances are the backbone of today’s modern homelife. So when one breaks, it can be a major inconvenience. How do decide between repairs or buying something new? Lifespan First, you should know what the expected lifespan is for your appliances. That 15-year old microwave is likely on its last leg,Continue Reading

Take steps to improve your credit score

Your FICO® Score provides a quick snapshot of your overall credit health. FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation, the founder of the scoring system. The FICO Score is the most used credit score system by lenders. Once you know your score, you can use the following scale as a generalContinue Reading

Winter home utility savings tips

Utility bills tend to go up in the winter as we’re spending more time indoors. But you don’t have to freeze in order to manage your utility bills. Check out some easy, cost-savings tips to stay warm without breaking the bank. Use a programmable thermostat Let your thermostat do theContinue Reading

Avoiding Holiday Scams

Holiday distractions provide the perfect opening for scammers. They target people hoping the busy time of year will make scamming easier. And they’re right: phishing attacks increase 50% from October to January according to F5 Labs’ 2019 Phishing and Fraud Report. Here’s how you can remain alert this holiday season:Continue Reading

Online Shopping Safety

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the holidays: parties, school and work events, gifts for friends and families. But don’t overlook how easy it is to compromise your personal and financial information. Our tips below will help you shop online confidently and safely: Shop at reputableContinue Reading

Well to start with, an APR is an acronym that stands for Annual Percentage Rate or Single Percentage Rate, it is used to calculate interest for money that you have taken from credit card or loan. Moreover, credit cards are one of the best ways of saving money if itContinue Reading

How to save big buying used

Getting a new pair of jeans or gadget right out of the box produces a special thrill. But that thrill can cost you. Consider buying used and see your savings add up. Technology Technology is expensive. Keeping up with the latest phone model can set you back hundreds – orContinue Reading